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Only a few investment funds may rise above the pack

Audacis Advisors is an independent consulting firm specialized in capital raising for investment funds. We challenge common assumptions to help investment funds reach their goals.

Investment managers main challenges

More than 80% of all investment funds with less $100 million in assets under management do not have a capital raising strategy. The current economic context is particularly challenging for investment funds aiming at raising more capital. A growing number of funds are targeting the same high net worth individuals, financial advisors and family offices. Most investment managers wrongly assume that performance is and will be enough to attract investors. To effectively raise new assets, fund managers should generate a professional marketing and sales plan.

What we do

  • We focus on emerging funds with assets under $250 millions
  • We work with hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate funds, passion investment funds, infrastructure funds and impact investment funds.
  • Our research team absorbs the new trends and develops original insights on capital raising strategies : Marketing, Negotiating, Referrals, Closing, Difficult Situations, Networking, Prospecting, Social Selling, Differentiation, Investor relationship management and Pitching
  • We communicate a weekly report made of an analysis, a case study, a script, a strategy to help our clients raise more capital.
  • We provide phone consulting to assist them in their endeavor.

What we don’t do

  • We do not manage any money
  • We do not run a fund
  • We do not market funds to institutional investors

Report Showcase

Our best practices report is made of an analysis, a case study, innovative strategies and directly applicable tactics.

  • Reports are either a script, a tactic, a strategy, a checklist or an analysis.
  • They are ranked according to their difficulty.
  • Each report starts with the problem or challenge that investment managers face.
  • Investment managers will get to know which are their worst options and will also be provided with the right approach to face the challenge.
  • Each report goes in details to provide a step by step approach.
  • It also provides an example that investment managers can use right away.
  • Each report provides investment managers with other reports to refer to when needed.

Why subscribe to our weekly report?

  • Our report is the heart of the matter: most funds are striving to get larger
  • Our report is a concentrated of what needs to be done: Investment managers have little time to dedicate to marketing and sales research and strategy planning
  • Our report is efficient: A few funds over spend their marketing budget in events that bring little to no results. We are focusing on what works
  • Our report comes from research on marketing strategy, cognitive pitching, psychology of sales and real life situations
  • Our report is progressive: a weekly step by step program that givesinvestment managers the time to implement it
  • Our report helps fund managers grow: There are schools about trading strategies, about investing, yet nowhere else to learn about how to attract, convince, prospect and keep investors

About Us

Founded in 2013, Audacis Advisors is an independent consulting firm based out in Moscow. We are specialized in providing capital raising research to investment funds.

Our mission is to help investment funds get big enough.

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