Audacis Advisors has been established in 2013 by Gerald Autier is an independant capital raising advisory firm dedicated to financial professionals: independent financial advisors, family office and investment funds.

    We serve financial professionals from Europe, Russia and the Middle East. We offer also offer for a selected number of high net worth individuals, strategic advisory on asset allocation and investment strategies. Over the past decade, we have advised more than 600 high net worth individuals from more than 50 countries, we have decided to use this valuable knowledge to help financial professionals reach their objectives.

    Why choose us?

    Global Partnership
    We work on several location
    to satisfy our clientele.
    We understand the trust
    that our client put in our company.
    We are here for them.
    Powered by Knowledge
    Through our differents trainings,
    we believe in the power of education.
    Investment funds
    IFAs & Family Offices

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