What do investors want?
    What is your investment story ?

    In the world of capital raising, where all the investment funds are chasing the same capital with relatively the same returns, the most promising investment fund doesn’t always win. The most successful funds are the one that have the best story to tell. The real edge in capital raising is the investment pitch.

    We have designed a one day pitching workshop with the aim of enhancing the pitching skillset and convincing methods of investment managers.


    Steps of
    the decision process
    The principles
    of persuasion
    How to write
    an effective proposal
    How to position
    your investment fund
    How to get
    investors’ trust
    What investment
    managers should
    never say
    What investors expect from a proposition
    The different pitches
    you would need
    How to effectively
    present your strategy
    Time : one day