What can we do for you?


It is not easy for alternative emerging investment fund managers to pass the stage of friends and family money.


We help them introduce each other’s investors.


It is difficult to find yield in the current economic environment.


We identify investment opportunities for High Net Worth Individuals, Financial Advisors, and Family Offices.

Capital Raising Marketing

The investment world is particularly complex, obscure, and even sometimes scary.


We help investment managers and bond issuers make their ideas easier to understand for prospective investors.

What do people usually want to know about us?

How did you start this company?

Audacis Advisors was established in 2013. Our core idea was to bridge the gap between the complexity of the investing world and investors.

What makes you skilled at what you do?

We always work until the full satisfaction of our clients. We are passionate about what we do which helps us go the extra mile, whenever it is necessary.

Where can I find more information about you?

We now publish news and articles about the company only on our social medias.

Do you have reference of clients that may support the quality of your services?

Yes we do. We will send it upon request.

I have more questions, can I send it to you by Whatsapp?

Yes. If you do have additional question not covered here, we will do our best to answer it as soon as possible.

What is the next step?

For Investorexx, we usually start with a demo of our platform. It takes 15 minutes. Please complete the form below.

For Investae, we need to understand your preferences and objectives. After that, we can offer you a few options. Please complete the form below.
For Capital Raising Marketing, we need to understand your situation in order to see whether we can help or not. Please complete the form below.

Who are we?

Gerald Autier

Managing Director

Gerald is the founder of Audacis Advisors. He is based between London and Moscow. He has over 15 years of experience in the capital-raising industry with Family Offices and HNWI.

Quentin Monjiols

Key Account Manager

Quentin previously worked in an Luxembourg based investment bank.

Maxim Polytiko

Business Development

Masksim previously worked for PrieeWaterHouse Coopers.

Yeseniia Kachuroskaya

Marketing Manager

Yeseniia has worked as a marketing and business development manager in Cyprus, China.

Elisabeth Teiro

Back Office Manager

Elisabeth has over 20 years of experience in back office management


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Audacis Advisors

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